No Sew Medicine Bag
This great little medicine bag requires
no sewing and the only tool you absolutely 
need is a good pair of scissors
Good pair of scissors
Piece of leather, suede, felt or non-raveling fabric
Cord or leather lacing
Pattern (Click Here)
Leather hole punch (helpful not absolutely necessary
Trace pattern on the wrong side of your leather or fabric using tailor's chalk or even a ballpoint pen. Since you're tracing on the wrong side, the marks won't show when you're done. Using sturdy scissors, cut out the pouch and snip small holes at all the little ovals, just large enough for your lacing to fit through. If you have a leather punch you can punch the holes instead.
  Cut a piece of lacing 36" long. Lay the pouch on the table with leather right side up and feed lacing through the holes as in the illustration. Pull the lacing tight and as you do so, the pouch will form as the leather folds into pleats. Cut another piece of lacing about 4" long and fold it in half. Feed the two loose ends of this piece through the horizontal holes in the body of the pouch. This will create a small loop in the folded lacing. Feed the ends of the lacing down through the loop and pull it tight to form a tassle. Feed the ends of the tassle through the slit in the flap to hold the pouch shut. You can also use a small button of toggle sewed to the front instead of this tassle.
You can tie the ends of the 36" lacing together to make a necklace or use them to tie the pouch to your belt.