DOWSING 101 Relax & breathe deeply Hold the Pendulum gently in your hand as still as you can. Think or say YES with focus and clarity. Note the motion of the Pendulum. Now think or say NO with focus and clarity and watch as the motion of the pendulum changes. This will give you a baseline for the way the Pendulum will behave for you. Now ask a "yes or no" question and watch the motion of the Pendulum.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Dousing is a form of kinesiology. The pendulum magnifies and broadcasts micro-movements within our fingers. Our bodies are much more in touch with the Earth and our surroundings than we know. Much of that useful information gets lost because we don't take the time to slow down and listen. Our brains are so full of day to day clutter, worries, fears, games, etc. that even when we want to listen to our bodies, we can't hear it for all the noise. Dousing is a way to cut through the noise and get in touch with our body's information.

HOW TO FIND THINGS Stand in a corner of the room and concentrate on the essence of the thing you would like to locate. For instance, if you have lost your car keys picture them clearly in your mind and concentrate on the feeling you would have if they were in your hand. Hold the pendulum and watch its motion. When it starts to swing in a back and forth motion, note its direction and picture a line drawn along this path. Now go to the opposite corner of the room and repeat this process and note the direction of the pendulum swing from this new location. If your intention about what you are searching for has been clear, your keys should be in the place where these two lines cross. On a larger scale, you can employ this same process using a map or drawing of the location. Note: this works better for some things than others. In my house it is almost impossible to use a pendulum to find books, because there are so many books that to focus on the essence of a particular book is almost impossible. Many traditional "Water Witches" will tell you that the reason it is so easy to douse for water is that our bodies are 98% water and so it is really easy to relate to.

BEYOND YES OR NO QUESTIONS Write several options on a piece of paper in an arc. Hold the pendulum in the center of the arc and see which direction it swings when you ask the question. See below for downloadable dousing arcs.

Right click on the links below and choose "Save Target As" to download pdf files of dousing arcs.Choose the arc with the correct number of options and write your options in the blocks provided.
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